The Sharing You Weren't Supposed to Do

Graffiti Wall:
Leave the Holywar Dance Party community a message. Tell us what you think of the video. Share your holywardancing experiences.Say hi! Leave us an e-mail for updates and more!

graffiti wall

Submit your Videos:
We want to see you and your neighbours dancing! Let's see you learning the moves and teaching them, dancing in forbidden places, at forbidden times of day. Show us dancing at your protests, in front of government buildings, and when it just might be inappropriate. Just post your videos to YouTube and send us a link. The best ones make holywardanceparty.com and can be watched here. NEW: the forbidden dance track has been released! Use it to make your videos and for all your holywardanceparty activities.

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Celebrity Challenge:
Get a celebrity or prominent politician to do the moves and we'll send you a free t-shirt (and kudos). Needless to say, links to these videos should also be sent to us.

Invent Your Own Moves:
Once you have mastered the 6 moves of your peace weapon, you can begin to invent your own moves. This can open new horizons in holywardancing for you. But exercise caution - you must understand your peace powers before you go expanding them. We invite submissions of new moves, along with their names.

Holywardance Events :
Let us know about holywardance events in your community and find out about official holywardanceparties and happenings.

If you're a musician and have a great dance song that people love holywardancing to, send it to us. We'll take the best ones, bring 'em together, and bring 'em to the people!

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