How to Use Your Peace Weapon:
The Instructions You Were Never Meant to Have

For Protests:
Use your moves to express your desire for peace, and to articulate the madness of holywar. Try holywar dancing instead of placards at peace protests. Use the moves in front of government buildings, community halls, gathering places, in market squares and on airport runways. When protesting is this convenient and fun, we all have time for it!

For Fun:
Having fun is what it's all about! Too much fun, and nobody wants to fight. Too much fun, and people forget the divisions, borders, and nations that pit us against each other needlessly. We all enjoy fun. And every man woman and child on the planet can do these moves. And six out of seven alien races too (the ones with hands).

Holywar Blockparty:
Holywardancepartying is a great way to get your community to come together. Organize a blockparty and get your multicultural community dancing. Try and get your block hooked up with the next block and start a multi-block holywardance-extravaganza.

Holywar Poolparty:
See Holywar Blockparty except in bathing suits. A great opportunity to practice your holywar synchro - yes this line dance is great underwater!

How to Organize:
Gather community leaders and inform media of your holywar partying. Especially if you have a large number of people holywardancing in unison, it will be a powerful spectacle, and the message will reverberate. On a smaller scale, throw holywardanceparties for your friends, and dance for peace all night.

Holywar Dance Party for Everyone:
Teach the moves and have fun with everyone. The more people know the moves the more fun everyone will have. Dance is one of the universal languages, along with love, music and sexy looks. We should embrace our universal languages if we want to get along with the universe.

Be a Peace Weapons Dealer:
Teach holywar dance wherever possible. Spread the video. Stick it in front of other videos - show it on walls - Tag it, link it, use it! Use it!

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