The Story:
The Tale You Were Never Supposed to Hear

Holy jumpin'.  Last month, we got this crazy courier package. Even though it had no return address, and actually wasn’t addressed to any of us, we signed for it.  Inside was a blu-ray disc and some papers. There was no cash, food, or anything really good in the envelope, so we almost tossed it. That is, until we had a look at the letter:letter
Clipped to the back, there was this schematic:


We spent some time trying to figure how to build this 'peace weapon' with pipecleaners. No luck. Then we watched the blu-ray disc. It was the video we were never supposed to see! We realized the blu-ray was the fun gun. That's when the phone calls started.

The international power brokers warned us not to release this.  Never to show it to anyone. We've decided to release it to everyone.

Secret police and anti-linedance operatives call it ‘not appropriate for public consumption.' We call it Holywar Dance Party.

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